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Next ISCA conference location and summer newsletter

Dear ISCA Member,

With the gracious efforts of members ISCA Past President Kerby Anderson and ISCA Vice President Dr. William C. Roach, we have secured a venue for our next annual conference. On March 24-25, 2017, ISCA will be meeting at The Hope Center, in Plano, TX (Dallas area). With the tremendous experience we had the last time ISCA was at The Hope Center, it is a privilege to return. Be sure to block out the date and plan now for your attendance.

I am putting together the summer edition of our ISCA newsletter. It will outline FAQ details about the conference, including information about paper submissions. In addition to conference information, I would love to have any of the following information from you so I can include it in this first newsletter:

·       Any information about your upcoming speaking engagements

·       Any information about your recent or upcoming publications (books, papers, blogs, etc.)

·       There will be a “What’s On Your Nightstand?” (or some such title) sidebar letting your fellow apologists know what you’re currently reading. I’d like to include one or two items from a number of our members. It’s a good way for us to discover new resources.

·       For additional events that fall outside the first bullet point, if you know of any apologetic events (conferences, special speakers, debates, interviews) either live or on the internet, I’d like to let our members know in case they’d like to be enriched with the ministry of others.

As you might have guessed, time is of the essence as I don’t want to delay the newsletter too much longer. Thanks!

Do you know someone who is not yet a member of ISCA? Send them here for information on how to join. 

As your President, let me say that officers of ISCA value your input as to how we can make ISCA better. You can direct all inquiries you specifically have for me to



Richard G. Howe, Ph.D.

Emeritus Professor of Philosophy and Apologetics, Southern Evangelical Seminary

President, International Society of Christian Apologetics

“Good philosophy must exist if for no other reason because bad philosophy needs to be answered.” C. S. Lewis