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Who We Are

We are a group of senior and student scholars, Bible teachers, pastors, and professors who contend for the truth within the secular and church academic worlds. We utilize various apologetic methods, including classical and evidence-based research, to back a biblical worldview and to prove the Bible is without error (inerrant). The issues we tackle are current and relevant to guard against what is being taught not only in the world but also what has gained ground in Christian colleges and seminaries, in part which is a mishandling of and sometimes outright dismissal of the Word of God by those set forth to train our future ministry and pastoral leaders. Liberal theology has been embracing secular worldviews since the middle of last century and has already had quite the generational impact—denying the inerrancy of Scriptures, calling parts of the Word myth, and many changing the very nature of God as described in the Bible to make Him look more like the pagan gods of the world— all the while claiming to be “Christian, conservative, Bible teaching, and evangelical.” Many of the troubles, divisions, and apostasy you see in the church, as well as how some in the church are joining the world, are a direct consequence of this problem.

Beyond refuting liberal theology and defending the authenticity of the Scriptures and the Gospel, other topics we may address include bioethics (abortion, euthanasia, transhumanism, cloning, etc.), false religions, cults and neopaganism, and the current social engineering of our nation. Typically, liberal professors in our schools can only be contended with by scholarship and those with near to or equal credentials. So, sometimes apologists with higher level education credentials (doctorates) go unseen by popular culture. Still, nonetheless, they work tirelessly to contend for truth and protect the next generation’s minds. ISCA hopes to bridge the gap between the church and what is happening in this battle so that the church may understand and engage with us. The foundations of our faith must wholly stand on the Word of God being without error and infallible.

Dauntless scholarship in defense of the inerrant Word . . .