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Fall ISCA Newletter content needed

We had a server crash at Toccoa Falls this summer that caused us to lose email service for a good while, and not all of what we got during that time was recovered. If you sent me something for Apologia, the ISCA newsletter, during the last half of the summer, please send it again to by Monday, Sept. 14, if possible. If you didn’t send something then, send it now anyway! I’m looking for publications, forthcoming publications, reports of apologetic ministries, etc. Let’s keep the other members up to date on all you’re doing for the kingdom!


Donald T. Williams, PhD, Editor, Apologia, the Newsletter of the ISCA

R. A. Forrest Scholar & Prof. of English, Toccoa Falls College

107 Kincaid Dr., Toccoa Falls, Ga. 30598, 706-886-6831, ext. 5213

President, International Society of Christian Apologetics

Web Site:



"To think well is to serve God in the interior court."

-- Thomas Traherne