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2022 ISCA Conference

Greetings ISCA members!

I am excited about our 2022 conference of the International Society of Christian Apologetics.

The 2022 conference is shaping up to be one of our most exciting events. We are going to have some of the best breakout sessions I have seen in a long time. We have individuals traveling in from all over the country who are going to present on some of the most important and relevant apologetic related topics.

We are also honored to have Michael O’Fallon as our plenary speaker. He will be addressing the issue of Social Justice in the Evangelical Church. O’Fallon has positioned himself as one of the leading thinkers in this area. Many people became aware of O’Fallon’s work because of his three-part interview with James Lindsay and Peter Boghossian titled, The Trojan Horse.  I would encourage each of you to follow the hyperlink and listen to the three-part series.

Many have asked me “Why are you having a plenary speaker address a political or cultural topic, instead of an apologetic topic?” My answer to that question has been very clear:

In the 20th century the battles against Christianity came from the hard sciences. In the 21st century the battles against Christianity are going to come from both the hard and social sciences cloaked in politics. Christians need to be prepared to defend the faith once for all handed unto the saints regardless of where the attack comes from.

The reason we are addressing the issue is because we are committed to True Truth. Social Justice and Critical Race Theory fundamentally undermine any concept of truth, especially the notion that truth is that which corresponds to reality or the Bible as God’s truth revealed unto humanity.

We are asking for you to remember now is the time to sign-up for the conference and reserve your hotel for the event.

You can click (HERE) lto register for the conference.

Here is the information for the hotel:

IHG ® Hotels & Resorts  (3 min drive; 1.3 miles)
15139 Ballancroft Parkway, Charlotte, NC, 28277
Tel: 704.541.9004 Ext. 602 Fax: 704.541.9006

Charge is $99.00 +tax per night. Registration is required by March 4th for that rate.

Bill Roach