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Evangelical Fatwa

Laying Down the Law in the Land of Grace
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Does evangelicalism hinge more on practice than belief? Has evangelicalism descended into a world of mystical orthopraxis, or are we simply united so firmly that doctrine is a settled state from which our devotion springs? If the purpose of apologetics is to get people to follow God in a personal relationship, then why does this group even need to exist? Is it not enough to simply set a wide parameter for our core beliefs, and then monitor only the outcome of piety?

A brief glance at the state of evangelicalism would quickly assess that the state of affairs is not as rosy as one would presume. Doctrine and theology, it would seem, have been replaced with calls for cooperation at any cost. Openness of God theologians, reprobationists, theologians from once-considered fringe movements now populate our landscape. National magazines such as Christianity Today regularly fill with articles calling for social justice over and beyond orthodoxy. Those who cling to absolutes and parameters are considered quaint vestiges from our not-so-distant past. Within evangelicalism, truth has been sacrificed on the altar of peace.


Dr. Ergun Mehmet Caner

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President, Liberty Theological Seminary