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Francis Schaeffer and the Historic Adam

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While the subject of the historic Adam is one that seems to be building in intensity, my goal is not so much to engage others in debate, as it is motivated out of a desire to bring a very relevant voice from the past to the table for discussion. Thus, in my opinion, if any scholar’s voice needs to be heard in this particular discussion of the historic Adam, it is Schaeffer’s. As you will see, his contribution is substantial.


As we begin to explore Schaeffer’s view on the historic Adam we will immediately find that it is deeply founded of course in Schaeffer’s view of Biblical Inerrancy. It is not that his own view is different in substance than other Biblical scholars, but it does contain nuances and motivations that might not be found in others. Understanding these nuances and motivations, even in a cursory manner, will give one a greater perspective on Schaeffer’s view of the historic Adam. 


Dan Guinn

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