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Michael Polanyi - Part III: Away from Objectivity Towards Personal, Biblical Truth

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Michael Polanyi – Part III: Away from Objectivity and Towards Personal, Biblical Truth

The challenge to objectivity in casual and academic discourse is quite common by Christians and non-Christians.  This invitation is a hermeneutical device to correct fanciful, or even robust, disagreements.  But, the philosopher Thomas Nagel, calls this directive “a view from nowhere.”  That is, it is a viewpoint that is not only impossible to achieve, but one that cannot fulfill its intended purpose.  Michael Polanyi has soundly demonstrated that modern science is not objective and that the claim of objectivity is destructive to the pursuit of science, as well as social and academic freedom.  Instead, the pursuit of knowledge and truth is centered in the person and his or her calling.  This paper, then, is a beginning view at what apologetics and theology might achieve from such “personal knowledge” that is Biblically grounded.  Jesus statement, “I am the way, the truth, and the life,” is one text among others that indicates this direction. A few theologians who have moved in this direction will be explored, along with other suggestions for future study.  The accusation of subjectivity is avoided by the objective nature of biblical inerrancy, sound theology, and principles of reason. 

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