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November 30 deadline for our quarterly newsletter

Dear friends,


It’s time to let your fellow apologists know what you’ve been up to!  The deadline for submissions to the next edition of our quarterly newsletter, Apologia, is Monday, November 30, 2015


Note that this is different from our scholarly journal—articles for that should be sent to the journal editor, Bill Roach ( 


For the newsletter, please send notices of publications new or forthcoming, apologetic events you have participated in (or are anticipating, so we can pray for you), short reviews of books or articles you have read recently that might be of interest to your fellow apologists, etc.

Send material for the newsletter to me at, preferably in Times New Roman, 11 point font, by Monday, November 30.    



Yours for His glory,



Donald T. Williams, PhD

R. A. Forrest Scholar & Prof. of English, Toccoa Falls College

107 Kincaid Dr., Toccoa Falls, Ga. 30598, 706-886-6831, ext. 5213

President, International Society of Christian Apologetics

Web Site: