ISCA 2021 Conference: Cancelled

Dear ISCA Members,

I hope and pray that you are well. Over the past few weeks members from ISCA and EMNR have been trying to sort through the ever changing and evolving COVID restrictions. In particular, many of the restrictions currently being laid down by the city of Chicago.

Unfortunately, due to increased measures and unforeseeable changes in the near future, we have decided to cancel our 2021 ISCA conference. We are going to work to reschedule the conference in 2022.

I want to be transparent with you concerning this decision. The primary reason for this decision is because of the increased COVID restrictions from Chicago, specifically requiring people to quarantine for 10 days upon entering the city (or go through a series of negative COVID tests). Moreover, many people from different regions of the country would have to quarantine (or their spouses who work in the medical field would have to quarantine) upon returning home. This included the majority of the ISCA board.

Moreover, it is the responsibility of the board to protect the financial future of the organization. After reaching out to the presenters from both organizations, we realized the attendance at the 2021 conference would be well below the threshold to organize the event, pay our speakers, and break even with our expenses. In other words, it would be fiscally irresponsible to host a conference and lose money.

We are going to make some accommodations:

1. We plan to offer a full refund for the event. Each person registered through Eventbrite and if you login and ask for a refund and list COVID as the reasoning you are cancelling you will be given a full refund.

2. Don Veinot oversees EMNR and is also the president of the Midwest Christian Outreach. Don and his organization are located locally in Chicago and have offered to host an event. If you have already registered for the ISCA and event and were scheduled to present, you can participate in the Midwest Christian Outreach conference. It will be hosted at the same date and locations as the original ISCA and EMNR conference. If you are interested, please email Don Veinot.

3. The ISCA board plans to meet digitally and make accommodations for the 2022 conference.

Last year the ISCA board never imagined we would still be affected by COVID or the many restrictions upon large group gatherings. We ask that you please pray for us as we navigate these decisions moving forward.

Bill Roach

President: International Society of Christian Apologetics
ISCA Website:
Professor: Veritas International University, Columbia Evangelical Seminary, and Neuva Providencia (Medellin, Colombia)
Phone: 319-217-0034