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Announcement - Call for Abstract Proposals

The Executive Committee is pleased to announce that we are accepting abstract proposals for our annual conference. Our 2024 Conference will be in San Diego, California, on April 5th and 6th. The theme is Apologetics in a Brave New World 2024.


We are still working out the specific details for the times of the conference. Some of that will depend on the number of breakout sessions that we offer, which depends on the number of acceptable abstract submissions we receive. We have the option to have more breakout sessions this year than we have had for the past several conferences. I would love for us to be able to increase the offerings in 2024. But that depends on your willingness to present a paper. The breakout sessions are a time for you to sharpen iron with iron.


Abstract proposals should not be more than 500 words in the fields of apologetics, history, philosophy, or theology (related fields will be considered as well). Proposals do not necessarily have to fit the conference theme. However, priority will be given to new academic research. Presenters must be full members or student members with a full-member sponsor attending the student's session. Special Note for student members: If you are a student member making a submission, please indicate the full member who will be your sponsor with the member's email address. If you are interested in making a submission and do not have a full member sponsor, please contact our Vice President and Program Chairman, Dr. Jason D. Crowder, so that he can discuss the possibility of finding a sponsor.


November 30, 2023, is the deadline for acceptance of abstract proposals. Please make sure that you consider your availability to attend the conference and its cost to attend before submitting an abstract for consideration for the 2024 ISCA Conference.


Send abstract proposals directly to Dr. Jason D. Crowder at the following email: In the subject line, please label it: Re: 2024 ISCA Conference Abstract Submission. If you do not get a response from me within a week stating that I have received your submission and it is under review, please follow up to ensure that it was, in fact, received. Every year without fail someone submits an abstract proposal and it does not get received for some unknown reason, and we do not find out about it until after all the available slots are filled.  
Call for Abstract Proposals