2020 ISCA Postponed

Dear ISCA Members,

I am writing to notify you that we are going to postpone our 2020 ISCA conference. Given the current health and travel conditions we believe this is the best decision for all parties involved. In addition, the state of Illinois just closed all restaurants for the foreseeable future. Therefore, given the situation we are going to postpone and reschedule. 

For the time being we are trying to work with our host site, speakers, and hotel to have the same event held sometime in either June or July. We are currently working with all of the ISCA leaders, EMNR, and the businesses to sort out the details. We will be emailing you in the near future with updated information.

For the time being, however, here are some key details: 

1. If you have registered for the event we will honor those registrations for the new conference. So, there is no need to ask for a refund. 

2. You will not have to resubmit your proposals if they were already accepted. We are going to hold the exact same conference at a later date. 

3. You will have to cancel and reschedule your hotel room. If you booked your hotel at the Courtyard, here is the phone number: tel:+1 847-394-9999. Call them and ask to cancel. You can reschedule when we release the new dates. 

Again, sorry for the inconvenience. We are working to reschedule the event and we will release those new details soon.

Bill Roach
President, ISCA