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Intro to the Dead Sea Scrolls

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God's Moral Justification in Creating the Actual World

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The idea of the best possible world was made famous by Leibniz. Much has been made of whether or not this is the best possible world, and if not, if God can be held morally responsible for this. In order to assess properly this idea, one must understand what makes one world morally preferable to another. This is called the Axiom of Moral Preferability (AMP). This paper contends there is no best possible world, and even if there were to be one, God would not be constrained to create it. So long as God does not cause evil and the AMP is fulfilled, God has created a good world and is morally justified in doing so.

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The Doctrine of Man: A Critique of Christian Transhumanism

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The purpose of this paper is to address a few of the many theological implications surrounding transhumanism, especially in regard to its consistency with a Christian worldview. Transhumanism is an international movement that seeks to break through human biological limitations to radically redesign humanity. The topic is so broad that it can be best addressed paradigmatically by examining its foundational technologies and philosophies. This presentation will first give a brief summary of the topic and then a broad overview of the technologies involved. As the technologies are discussed a few specific criticisms will be raised and Christian responses offered. Then it will turn to theological matters. First it will analyze the philosophical underpinnings of the movement and then interact specifically with the more visible proponents who attempt to reconcile it theologically with Christianity. The main points offered in defense of the thesis are that promoters of Christian transhumanism are driven by an unbiblical anthropology, a Pelegian view of sin, and a profound misunderstanding of the Christian life characteristic of theological liberalism. The first point of analysis will be anthropology which naturally leads to one’s position on the biblical creation account and original sin. The denial of scriptural authority on the issues of origins and sin results in an embrace of the naturalistic worldview and leads one open to ideas like Christian transhumanism. This will be revealed as initially hubris and potentially grave sin. Finally, some suggestions will be offered as a Christian response. This paper will demonstrate that while there are some who claim to be Christian transhumanists, transhumanism is an anthropocentric worldview based on naturalistic presuppositions that is incompatible with orthodox biblical Christianity. Cris D. Putnam

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The Problem of Evil

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Fri, 04/29/2011 - Sat, 04/30/2011


Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary
120 S Wingate St
Wake Forest, NC 27587
United States
35° 58' 52.4568" N, 78° 30' 49.1472" W
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This year registration is online! You can pay securely through PayPal or by mailing a check.

 Price: $40.00

A discount is available for student members of ISCA.

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We are excited to announce that this year’s annual meeting will be held at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary in Wake Forest, North Carolina on April 29-30, 2011. Southeastern has played a significant role in evangelical higher education, and is one of the leading seminaries for those interested in apologetics.  Please make arrangements to join us for what promises to be an excellent conference on The Problem of Evil.

Plenary Speakers:

We are pleased to have Paul Copan and Bruce Little as our Plenary Speakers for our 2011 conference.

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Reserve lodging accommodations at the Hampton Inn (1-919-554-0222) by March 28, 2011. For $69.00 per night, you can choose a room with either a King or 2 Double beds.  The Hampton Inn is within a short drive from Southeastern’s campus.

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For those flying in for the conference, Southeastern recommends you use Raleigh-Durham International Airport ( Directions from the airport to SEBTS can be found here.

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