Writing opportunity for The Evangelical Review of Theology and Politics

Greetings ISCA Members,

The JISCA got a request from The Evangelical Review of Theology and Politics (ERTP.org) this week, and I wanted to share the opportunity with our membership. ERTP desires for a writer willing to defend the traditional view of human sexuality as found in Scripture in an article-based debate with a scholar who believes that Scripture supports LGBTQ sexuality. The focus of the debate will be on Scripture and its interpretation/application. Interested individuals should contact Stephen M. Vantassel at svantassel@kingsdivinity.org.

I did ask Stephen three questions this week that were likely to get repeated in inquiries, and those are below with his answers.

1. Is there a deadline on when interested parties need to contact you?
We would like writers to contact me in a few months. First paper should be received in a year.

2. How long do the papers need to be?
We have a generous word counts. 5000-8000 words should cover the narrowness of the topic.

3. How many papers are you thinking each debater will have to write?
First a position paper than responses. But we could allow a third if the authors wished.

Under His Grace,
Jason D. Crowder

Journal Editor/Program Chairman