April Conference Discount

Greetings ISCA Members!

It is hard to believe our 2018 ISCA Conference is three weeks away. Remember, we offer a 20% discount for all people who pre-register for the conference. Time is running out to still qualify for pre-registration, so please register soon.

Here’s the link to register: http://www.isca-apologetics.org/annualmeeting

This year’s conference not only has over 25 presentations, but it also has two plenary sessions by Dr. Michael Brown and Dr. Michael Kruger. It will also feature a presidential address by Dr. Richard Howe.

Dr. Brown is going to deal with special topics in Jewish apologetics in a message titled, The Jewish Reclamation of Jesus-- Yeshua.

Dr. Kruger will address topics related to the New Testament canon in a message titled, Artifacts of Canon: Manuscripts as a Window into the Development of the New Testament during his plenary session.

We are also doing one thing a little different this year. We are planning to open up the Friday night plenary sessions to the general public for FREE. This means you could invite people from your ministry, school, church, friends, or family. We desire to use our plenary sessions to help train not only the members of ISCA, but the Church at large.

Bill Roach, VP-ISCA