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The 2023 ISCA YouTube Playlist


Video Recordings from the 2023 ISCA meeting


Nine of the twenty-four great papers/talks presented at the 2023 meeting of the ISCA were recorded. Eight recordings are now available on the ISCA 2023 YouTube playlist. They include the plenary and presidential addresses. Enjoy!

Our ISCA channel just made it past 10,000 hits. We'd like awareness of our channel to grow. Please subscribe to the channel, like as many videos as you may, and share the videos/playlists on social media. Please also feel free to leave comments and questions for any video in the YouTube comments section. 


The videos in the 2023 playlist include: 


ISCA 2023 | Phil Fernandes 

The Arrival of Nietzsche's Supermen


ISCA 2023 | Plenary Session | Donald Williams 

A Clue to the Clue: The Abolition of Man as a Supplement to the Moral Argument of Mere Christianity 


ISCA 2023 | Donald T. Williams

An Answer for Orual: C. S. Lewis as Defender of the Faith


ISCA 2023 | Presidential Address | Phil Fernandes 

Advice and Encouragement for Christian Apologists in a Brave New World


ISCA 2023 | Martin Nelson 

A Definitive Defense for Creation from a New Testament Perspective: A Case Against Theistic Evolution


ISCA 2023 | Scott Reynolds 

The Glory of God Theodicy: The vindication of divine goodness and providence in view of the existence of evil


ISCA 2023 | Christopher Haun 

Armed Revolution as Apologetic?

Reexamining the Upper Limits of Resistance by the Church to the State with a Focus on the Disagreement Between Francis Schaeffer and Norman Geisler 


ISCA 2023 | Christopher T. Haun

Defending the Theistic Interpretation of Logos and Theos in John's Gospel Prologue


  Unfortunately, Dr. Rana's excellent talk on "Humans 2.0: Transhumanism and the Gospel" failed to record due to technical difficulties. In lieu of that, some of his previous talks on the subject may be found here.


  Dan Guinn's breakout session talk on "Francis Schaeffer on Apologetics in Dystopia" was recorded but isn't available quite yet. We'll add it to the playlist when it debuts. Until then, his paper is available here and has also been submitted for consideration for the ISCA journal. 
    If anyone presented a paper at the 2023 meeting and would like the chance to re-present it on Teams or Zoom for an ISCA audience and record it for the ISCA YouTube channel, let us know.  
    Everyone who presented a paper at the 2023 is encouraged to submit their paper to the ISCA journal editor for queuing into our peer review process and consideration for inclusion in either the 2023 or 2024 editions of the ISCA journal. More info at

In other news. . . 

The 2024 meeting of the ISCA is tentatively set for April 5-6 in San Diego, California. Please pencil it in on your calendars and expect another newsletter in late July with the announcement!

The date of the publishing of the 2023 volume of the ISCA journal has not been finalized yet either. We have twenty or so papers submitted to the peer review team for consideration for inclusion in the 2023 or 2024 editions of the journal. It's not too late for ISCA members to submit a paper or book review.  More info at Previous editions of the journal are available to ISCA members on our website and printed versions may be ordered from Amazon

We're getting serious about a revamp of the website and newsletter system. This website was designed about ten years ago and a new prototype is being developed. As you can probably tell from the strange formatting of this newsletter, the newsletter system is a bit unweildy to use. We may switch to Mailchimp or one of its competitors and, if so, you'll have the options to opt in and out easily.  

Donald T. Williams (EFCA ordained, Trinity MDiv, UGA PhD, former pastor, now Professor Emeritus of Toccoa Falls College and Lecturer for Summit Ministries and Church Planting International, author of fourteen books ) has retired (congratulations!!!) and is available as a freelancer for "Pulpit Supply, Bible Conferences, Apologetics Conferences, or Inklings Conferences for their church, school, or group." More at and You can hear two of his talks in the ISCA 2023 YouTube playlist and more on "C. S. Lewis, J. R. R. Tolkien, Christian Apologetics, and what Lewis and Tolkien can contribute to our apologetic" on the Defend podcast.

Almost one full year after the overturn of Roe-v-Wade, Hendrik van der Breggen's book Untangling Popular Pro-Choice Arguments: Critical Thinking about Abortion may be a useful resource for this hot topic issue. Also be sure to check out his newest book APOLOGIA: The Columns: A Defence of Mere Christianity

Have some interesting news to share with the ISCA? A new book you just published? A talk or debate that will be livestreamed? Let all the ISCA community know! Please don't hesitate to free to post it on our public and private Facebook pages-- & If you're tweeting some important apologetics-related news on Twitter, don't forget to add @isca_apologetic to the end of your tweet to increase your chance of getting a retweet by Dan, Christopher, or whoever else may be tag-teaming on ISCA's social media duties. If you're active on Twitter, please consider liking and retweeting some of the ISCA tweets. We can help you grow your social media footprint and you can help us grow ours.  



Links to all of our pre-2023 ISCA videos

ISCA 2022 | Presidential Address | Bill Roach 
The Danger and Draw of Critical Methodology

ISCA 2022 | Plenary Session | Michael O'Fallon
Social Justice and the Evangelical Church

ISCA 2022 | Phil Fernandes 
Why ISCA is not ETS

ISCA 2022 - Business Meeting

ISCA 2022 | Panel Discussion: Why the International Society of Christian Apologetics?

ISCA 2022 | Dan Guinn 
Truth Amidst Tension: The Practical Apologetic Methodology of Francis Schaeffer

ISCA 2022 | Christopher T. Haun
The Eight Spectres of Karl Marx that Haunt the 21st Century

ISCA 2019 | Douglas Groothuis 
Meta-Apologetics: Attitudes and Strategies for Faithful Christian Witness

ISCA 2019 | Bill Roach 
Presidential lecture on "The Pastor as Apologist and the Apologist as Pastor: Reflections on Pulpit Ministry and Apologetics"

ISCA 2017 | Norm Geisler 
The Gospels and Genre Criticism

ISCA 2015 | Donald T. Williams 
Text vs. Word (On C. S. Lewis’s view of Inspiration and Inerrancy)

ISCA 2015 | Donald T. Williams 
Discerning the Times: Why We Lost the Culture War

ISCA 2015 | Sarah Geis 
The Apologetics of Inerrancy: Making Our Case to the World

ISCA 2015 | Sarah Geis 
The Epistemology of Inerrancy: Teaching Inerrancy in the Church

ISCA 2015 | Paige Patterson 
Consequences of Revolution: The Conservative Resurgence in the SBC 

ISCA 2015 | Richard Land 
The Southern Baptist Convention, 1979-1993: What Happened, and Why

ISCA 2015 | Norm Geisler
Is It Just a Matter of Interpretation, Not of Inerrancy?

ISCA 2015 | Richard G. Howe
The Concept of Truth in the Inerrancy Debate, Revisited

ISCA 2015 | Panel Discussion with Plenary Speakers
Panel Discussion with Paige Patterson, Richard Land, Sarah Geis, Norm Geisler, Donald T. Williams

ISCA 2015 | William C. Roach 
The Resurgence of Neo-Evangelicalism

ISCA 2015 | J. Brian Huffling
Philosophy of History: Prolegomena to Inerrancy

ISCA 2015 | Christopher T. Haun
A Reconsideration of the Importance of CSBI and CSBH in Apologetics, Evangelism, and Perseverance in the Orthodox Faith: Responding to Contemporary Challenges to the ICBI Statements by Evangelical Apologists and Biblical Scholars

ISCA 2015 | Christopher T. Haun
Inerrancy, Shipwreck, Hermeneutics, and Zombies: Responding to Six Concerns over Paleo-Inerrancy

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