2018 ISCA Journal

Greetings ISCA members,
I pray this email finds each of you doing well as you serve the Lord in your particular ministry. I am writing to announce that our 2018 Journal of the International Society of Christian Apologetics (JISCA) is finished. I want you to note a few things about the 2018 JISCA.
First, I want to thank our editor, Dr. Doug Potter from Southern Evangelical Seminary, for his hard work and commitment to serving ISCA and the evangelical church. As many of you might know, it is hard work to serve as an editor. You are required to sort through and evaluate dozens of submissions and edit those articles into the proper format. Dr. Potter has done a great job in this role and we are thankful for his efforts.
Second, we have made some very exciting changes to JISCA. In particular, we have found a cost effective way to distribute and print the journal. Dr. Potter has worked to set up a format that allows us to print on demand through Amazon. So, if you are interested in receiving a print version of the 2018 JISCA, please follow the link (here).
Third, if you are a member of ISCA, you can login to your account and view a free online PDF version of the current and past editions of the journal.
Fourth, we would encourage each member of ISCA to consider writing an article or book review for the 2019 JISCA. For further information about publishing in JISCA, please contact Dr. Potter at dpotter@ses.edu

Last but not least, we are in the midst of planning our 2019 ISCA Conference. We plan to announce our next location and plenary speakers very soon.

Blessings in Christ,

William C. Roach

William C. Roach, President