Frequently Asked Questions about the ISCA Conference

  1. Do I have to be a member of ISCA to attend the conference?
    Anyone can attend. You do not need to be a member, or related to a member. Please come, we'd love for you to join us! However, only active members are allowed to participate in Q & A and discussion during the sessions.

  2. I'd like to become a member. How?
    If you qualify for membership (academic credentials, agree to doctrinal statement), we encourage you to submit a membership application.

  3. Can I still register for the conference after March 14?
    Yes! The price is cheaper if you register earlier. In fact, you can register at the door. We would appreciate if you register early so we have a better estimate of possible attendees.

  4. Do I have to be a member of ISCA to present at the conference?
    Yes. Presenters at the conference must be a member or student member and have paid their dues to present. This year presenters can attend for free. Please see Call For Papers for the details. Anyone can register to attend the conference.

  5. How can I submit a paper for the conference?
    Please see Call For Papers for the details.

  6. How will I know if my paper was accepted?
    Decisions on papers will be made by Feb. 1, 2017, with notification by email being sent out to individuals immediately.

  7. If my paper is accepted for a breakout session, do I still need to register and pay to attend the conference?
    Yes. Everyone attending, whether giving a breakout session paper or not, must register and pay to attend the conference. Special guests who are invited to give our plenary sessions are not required to pay for attending the conference.

  8. What is the conference schedule?
    The conference schedule is available here.