Call For Papers

We invite all members, and prospective members, to submit paper proposals for this year’s conference. The conference will seek to highlight the vast range of issues that constitute the defense of the faith. To that that end, papers can be on any topic that deals with an apologetic issue. Paper proposals may be accepted from areas within philosophy, theology, biblical studies, ethics, comparative religions, science and history.

The minimum requirements for presenters are:

  1. They must have paid their due's for the conference.
  2. They must have a Master's degree to present a paper. Or, they must co-present a paper with a person that has a Master's degree or higher.
  3. They must submit prior to their paper being accepted:
    1) A clear thesis statement; 2) Title of the paper; 3) Abstract for the paper.
  4. The paper topic should be relevant to the topic that year, unless approved otherwise.

All paper proposals should be submitted to Dr. Bill Roach no later than January 21, 2017. Please include your title, 100-200 word abstract, list of earned degrees, and membership status.

When will I know if my paper is accepted?
Decisions on papers will be made by Feb. 1, 2017, with notification by email being sent out to individuals immediately.

Please note that all presenters will need to register for the conference and either renew their annual fees or join the society if not already a member.  Information for paying membership dues can be found on the Join Us page.