2016 ISCA Conference Schedule

April 1,  Friday

9:00 AM–11:00 AM    ISCA Board Meeting

1:00 PM                      Registration opens

2:00-2:45 PM              Welcome, Worship, and Instructions (WM 104)          

3:00-4:00  PM             Workshop 1

  1. Ron J. Bigalke, "Defending the Faith in the Political Environment," 102
  2. Terry Rathman, “The Necessity of Prebiotic Homochirality: Easier than Baking a Cake?” 103
  3. Gary Elkins, “Practical Apologetics – It’s More Complicated than You Thought!” 201
  4. Norm Geisler, “Defining Inerrancy: Clearing the Muddy Waters” 203

4:15-5:00  PM             ISCA Members Meeting (104)        

5:00-6:30  PM                         Break for Dinner (on your own)

5:30–6:30  PM                        Registration table open

6:30–6:45 PM             Opening prayer/Welcome (104)

6:45–7:45 PM             Plenary Session 1: “Apologetics in the Academy: Insights from a Life Lived on Both Sides of the Fence,” Dan Crescenzo

7:45 – 8:00  PM          Break

8:00–9:00  PM            Plenary Session 2: “How Media Shape Your Worldview:  The Medium Really Is The Message—Mostly,” Warren Cole Smith

April 2,  Saturday

8:00–9:00 AM                         Registration opens

9:00-10:00 AM            Panel Discussion with Plenary Speakers: Warren Cole Smith, Dan Crescenzo; Norm Geisler, Richard Howe, special guests; Donald T. Williams, Moderator

10:15–11:15  AM        Workshop 2

  1. Dan Crescenzo, “Casting Doubt on Ethical Naturalism,” 102
  2. Juan Valdes, “In the Midst of Such a Hostile Age, Is There a Place at the Table for Young Earth Creationism?” 103
  3. Randy Douglass, “Islamic Terrorists: Extreme or Orthodox?” 201
  4. Trevor Slone, "The Bootstrap Defeater Argument,” 101
  5. Richard G. Howe, “Defending the Handmaid: How Theology Needs Philosophy,” 203

11:15 AM–1:00  PM   Lunch Break (on your own)

1:00-2:00 PM Plenary Session 3: “Restoring All Things:  Knowing What You Stand For, Not Just What You Stand Against, or Promoting the Good, the True, and the Beautiful,” Warren Cole Smith

2:15-3:15 PM              Workshop 3

  1. Ken Samples, “Christ’s Incarnation and Hindu Avatars: How Do They Differ?” 102
  2. Jenna Lynn Ellis, “Where Moral Law Must Be Defined and Defended within the Entirety of Law as a Discipline,” 103
  3. Dan Guinn, “Francis Schaeffer, Apologetics & Pre-Evangelism: Defusing Hostility and Making Strides in Christian Witness,” 203
  4. Daniel Howard, “Preaching the Truth: An Evangelical Manifesto on Biblical Inerrancy,” 201
  5. Juan Valdes, “Five Reasons Why I am Not an Atheist,” 101 

3:30-4:30 PM              Workshop 4

  1. Phil Fernandes, “The Coming Death of Western Civilization,” 102
  2. Kirk R. MacGregor, “Why Are Some Churches Hostile toward Apologetics?” 103
  3. Jahdiel Perez, "Sonic Apologetics: Calling Christian Musicians"201
  4. Scott Matscherz, “Hating Hatred: Using Apologetics against Hate Speech,” 203
  5. Donald T. Williams, “Defending the Biblical View of Human Sexuality: A Socratic-Question Approach,” 101

4:45 -5:45 PM            Workshop 5


  1. J. Wesley Price, “The Problem of Religion in Public Education: Intellectual Integrity Versus the False Neutrality of Political Correctness,” 102
  2. Ed Payne, M.D., “Michael Polanyi: Unintentional Christian Apologist and Theologian,” 103
  3. Donald T. Williams, “The Justice of Hell,” 201
  4. Nicholas Kye James (student paper), “The False Dichotomy of The Laity: Rejuvenating Evangelical Apologetics with Jonathan Edwards’ Doctrine of the Priesthood of all Believers,” 203

6:00–7:00 PM             Banquet, Gate Cottage

7:00–8:00 PM             Presidential Address:  “Answers for Orual: C. S. Lewis as a Role Model for Winsome Apologetics,” Donald T. Williams, Gate Cottage